Lonely Planet recently published a much anticipated best travel destinations in 2015 – list. I have to admit not knowing how much these countries had to offer, but that’s exactly what makes their list great.

It will lead you from multicultural Asia, hidden pearls in the Caribbean sea, through veiled mystique of the Sahara’s cities, stunning cliffs rising over the Atlantic ocean, over to medieval Europe and the Americas and excite you to pin your next destination on the world’s map. Top 10 countries to visit in 2015 list offers great balance between luxurious and less pricey, well-known and hidden, adventurous and calm-paced, but equally breathtaking destinations that you have to see before other places you had in mind.

And in case you cannot visit these places right this moment, take a tour through our vivid inforgraphic. I’m sure you’ll be able to find some inspiration!

Infographic - Top 10 countries to visit in 2015

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“I Liver You!” – In Morocco, traditionally the liver is considered to be the symbol of love.

Everyone present in Singapore on the date of independence was offered Singapore citizenship.

Animals and plants in the Namib Desert collect water by condensing fog on their extremities.

Mindaugas who united Lithuania in the 13th century, was the country’s first and only monarch.

Nicaragua is the birthplace of an unusual extreme sport called “volcano boarding”.

Many Irish family names start with “Mac” or “O”, which means “son of” and “grandson of”.

The Congo River is the world’s deepest river with measured depths of over 220 m.

World’s biggest “pljeskavica” aka Serbian hamburger world record is currently at 51kg.

The modern yoyo was invented by a Filipino. The word ‘yoyo’ means ‘come back’ in Tagalog.

It is illegal to wear camouflage clothing on St Lucia.

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